P7 Summary

Venue and Programming

     We were enthused and relieved that the P7 was such a success
after so much effort and so many challenges.  We experienced
uncertainties and emergencies, but  maintained good spirit and
genuinely enjoyed working with each other.   

      We had a slow start with too few members,  and time wasted
in indecision over our name and function.  As program emphases
developed, we sought new recruits for specialized tasks, and
enthusiasm grew. The miraculous permission to use the Community
College for free, dramatically changed the function of this
committee from mid-April on. Without it, events would have been
dispersed to many venues, with resulting communication,
transportation, security and oversight problems; as well as
timing and cleanup complications.  


     As we pioneered our way through P7 build up, we worked hard,
did our best, enjoyed each other tremendously and marvelled that
so many good things happened at the People's Summit. Thanks to