P7 Summary



The Finance and Fundraising Committee was happy to report to the Forum meeting on September 20th that the P7 ended with a small cash surplus. The surplus was due to the overwhelming generosity of those who attended the Marquee Speakers events the week of the summit and to the tremendous efforts of all committees to control expenses. The funds are being used to assemble archival materials, prepare a mailing list of participants, and produce a final report to be distributed to forum members. Any cash remaining will then be donated to the Carvery brothers to support them in their struggle at Africville. A total of almost $28,000 was raised by the Finance and Fundraising Committee during the six months leading up to the Summit. 75% of this money was donated by organizations such as the Canadian Labour Congress, the Catholic Organization for Development and Peace, the Sierra Club, and the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development. In addition, many groups, such as OXFAM-Canada, provided significant in-kind donations of goods and services. The remaining 25% was raised through a variety of fundraising events (a benefit dance, plant exchange, and pizza sale), the sale of P7 buttons and t-shirts, registration fees and individual donations. To the surprise and delight of event organizers, requests for donations ("Pass the Hats") at the five Marquee Speakers events raised more than $3,000. These donations enabled the P7 to cover unexpected expenses incurred during the week and to end the summit in a surplus position. A budget of $25,000 was drafted early in the planning for the P7 by the Coordinating Committee in consultation with the Forum. Changes and additions to it were made as funds became available. Committees responsible for various functions during the week (e.g. People's Park, Outreach, and Communications) were responsible for the administration of their portion of the overall budget. F & F Committee members reported that they were pleased at the open and participatory process used in making budgetary decisions. A detailed financial report on the P7 will be presented at the final Forum meeting on December 1st. Copies may be obtained by contacting OXFAM-Canada. Summary Financial Report to September 30, 1995 INCOME Fundraising Activities & Events 2,413 "Pass the Hats" 3,274 Donations 21,490 Registration Fees 736 Subtotal: $27,913 EXPENSES Salaries 8,850 Office 3,987 Communications 6,038 Logistical Support 7,910 Subtotal: $26,785 OVERALL TOTAL $1,128