Checklist of the Beetles of Maine, USA

by Christopher G. Majka, Donald S. Chandler, & Charlene P. Donahue

This 328 page checklist of the beetles (Coleoptera) of Maine provides the first comprehensive listing of the 2,871 beetles (2,466 native Nearctic species, 121 native Holarctic species, and 284 introduced species) recorded in the state of Maine, USA. Four hundred and seventeen are newly recorded in Maine while 58 are herein excluded from the state faunal list. For each species a chronological listing includes studies that have recorded it in Maine, and its distribution in the states and provinces of northeastern North America. Full collection data of all specimens for each newly recorded species are included. Recent synonymies and points of particular relevance are indicated in endnotes.

For each of the 96 families of Coleoptera, an introductory section discusses bionomics, taxonomic status, previous compilations of information, and the principal reference works that apply to the North American fauna. A photograph of a selected representative is also included. An introductory chapter recounts the history of Coleoptera research in Maine, while a second chapter presents a preliminary overview and analysis of the Maine beetle fauna. References to 1,171 publications that pertain to the Maine beetle fauna are provided, as is a table of contents. The index includes 1,940 supra-specific names of included taxa. The cover is in colour; interior pages are in black and white.

For those interested in entomology in Maine and neighbouring states and provinces, this book will be an indispensable reference. Beetles are the most species-rich order in the world, occupying innumerable ecological niches in virtually every terrestrial and freshwater aquatic ecosystem. Beyond their intrinsic value, and the importance of conserving wildlife and protecting biodiversity for ecological reasons, beetles are potentially valuable in monitoring for climate change, pollution, anthropogenic disturbance, and ecological integrity. Many are important (either as pests or species of value) in relation to agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and pollination. Monitoring the health of the native fauna, and tracking the dispersal of adventive species (~10% of the Maine fauna), remain important objectives. This book will be helpful in all these respects.

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View a sample chapter: The Maine Elateridae

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Christopher G. Majka is an ecologist based in Nova Scotia, Canada, with a particular interest in the ecology, biodiversity, and biosystematics of Coleoptera. Donald S. Chandler teaches at the University of New Hampshire and has a lifelong research interest in many aspects of Coleoptera taxonomy and ecology. Charlene P. Donahue is an entomologist with the Insect and Disease Laboratory of the Maine Forest Service who has a long-standing interest in the role of Coleoptera in forested environments.

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