Polish Folk Costumes

by Christopher Majka and Sheilagh Hunt

"It is a useful source for costume designers, as well as an entertaining book for children who wish to learn something about Polish history and culture."
-- Atlantic Provinces Book Review
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Polish Folk Costumes, a recent book from Empty Mirrors Press, highlights over twenty of the most interesting and colourful folk costumes of Poland. Each of the beautiful and detailed illustrations is accompanied by an account which illuminates its historical and cultural origins. The cultural influence of Czech, German, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Rumanian and other nationalities is discussed as is the role of Polish history on the development of the costumes.

The book has concise accounts of the men's and women's costumes describing the apparel and introducing their Polish names. A glossary helps to keep track of the terms and two maps, one of the folkloric areas of Poland and another of the surrounding regions, help those unfamiliar with Polish geography to get their bearings. All the major regions of Poland are treated and selected costumes from Pomerania, Mazury, Mazovia, Galicia, Malopolska, the Carpathians, Silesia and Wielkopolska are highlighted.

The Introduction to Polish Folk Costumes gives an introduction to the history of Polish folk culture as it pertains to the costumes.

Costume From Polish Folk Costumes]

For those fluent in Polish (or those who would like to be!) there are Polish translations of the main portions of the text. Our background as dancers with the has been instrumental to us in writing this book.

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