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Bernard D. Tremblay (ben)
Technical Communicator

Ben Tremblay & Associates

9606 - Whyte Avernue
Edmonton, Alberta
T6A – 1A1

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Employment Objective

  • With two decades of experience in communications and electronics, and field-proven abilities in trouble shooting and problem solving, to provide technical documentation support through the application of appropriate technology. Present concentration is on information center techniques i.e. HTML linked document bases & intranet.

  • Recent Experience

  • Computerization of financial consulting firm; implementation of Internet-centered data acquisition strategy in a government research center; design and implementation of WWW sites.
  • Over two and one-half years in an R&D environment (Micronav International Inc.), working to government specifications and standards (DTA/DFS-1002), produced MIL-SPEC compliant document set as co-creator of Integrated Logistics Support team (customer advocacy / contract compliance).
    • Managed completion of training guides and user manuals (approx. 750 pages) for two models of microwave landing system.
    • Designed and implemented (in co-operation with line managers) corporate documentation standards and policy
    • Interpreted ANSI standards for system nomenclature (documents and drawings; engineering, hardware, software, and drafting).
    • Collaborated in production of support documents and reports (e.g. Failure Mode Effects and Criticality Analysis).
    • Maintenance of configuration control
      • System Design Documents, System Requirement Specifications, Detailed Design Documents;
      • configuration control of documentation for all configuration items [hardware, software, circuit boards etc];
        • revision and change tracking.
  • Programming of VRML simulation for ethological research in a university psychology department

  • Applicable Skills

  • Wide experience in the installation, use, and maintenance of communications and electronic systems (Canadian Armed Forces; CNTelecommunications; Motorola Communications; CBC Radio [master control operations; recording; remote and live engineering])
  • Project proven ability in field work and problem solving, as well as task definition and project delivery
  • Well developed communications skills: (radio operator voice, CW, and digital); writer (arts and entertainment; technical); presenter (public speaker; spokesperson/media-liaison for non-governmental organizations)
  • Computer literacy: (DTP/WP5.1 in industrial setting; user support; programming in assembler, BASIC, Pascal for Windows; database design (Borland Paradox using PAL and runtime extension)
  • HTML and page design:

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